Agents of Change - Change the Agents

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<h1>TECHNOPOLITICS meets Migrating Kitchen</h1>

<p><strong>Freitag 28. April 2017, 19:00</strong> - open end</p>

<address>Schwarzhorngasse 1, 1050 Wien</address>

<p>This event focuses on&nbsp;<strong>Agents of Change</strong>&nbsp;in memory of Armin Medosch who initiated the transdisciplinary research platform Technopolitics.</p>

<p>The common thread for this evening is an art project that has evolved in the last two years from the group’s shared discussions.&nbsp;<em>Tracing Information Society – a Timeline</em>&nbsp;is a multi-dimensional mapping of political events, technological innovations and cultural developments that wants to contribute towards overcoming the neoliberal information (dis)order. &nbsp;Perhaps we can “change agents” by shifting perspectives and finding new trajectories for agency on the basis of existing and new entries to the <strong>Agents of Change</strong> tag, as, for example, the “Budapest refugee march.”&nbsp;</p>

<p><em>Tracing Information Society – a Timeline</em>&nbsp;has been presented as a collaborative workshop and exhibition project in Vienna (Social Glitch, 2015 and MAK, 2016) and Berlin (Transmediale, 2017) and Hong Kong (Connecting Spaces, June 2017).</p>